2022 Annual Templer Community Reports

Read more about the great work that has been happening in the Templer community over the past year.

Click here to download a copy of the 2022 Templer Annual Reports; a collection of annual reports of our focus and interest groups.

A Collection of Understandings from a Religious Perspective

A Collection of Understandings from a Religious Perspective is a compilation that expands and elaborates on the statements of identity, faith and practical concerns of the Temple Society Australia.

Click here to download a copy of A Collection of Understandings (PDF 715kb)


It is a time of shock, sadness and even trauma when a close friend or relative dies. It is often a time of confusion and pain. Our booklet, When a Loved One Dies, is intended to be a step by step guide to what needs to happen once a person dies, for the funeral service and burial or cremation to take place.

Click here to download a copy of When a Loved One Dies (PDF 1.9MB)

Footprints of the Templers

The Templers have a long and interesting history. Read about the origins of the Temple Society in our short publication, Footprints of the Templers.

Download here (PDF 4.3MB)

Sarona Clock Revival

The Templers first settled in Sarona in 1871. The Sarona Clock is an important historic landmark. An extensive conservation project was undertaken in 2014 and was documented by Shay Farkash, Conservator - Icomos Israel and Member of the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.

Download the Sarona Clock Revival (PDF 3MB)

Templer Reflections

First published in 2013, Templer Reflections is a quarterly journal covering aspects of religious, faith, philosophy, heritage and culture across the Templer community.

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The Templer Journey DVD

The Templer Journey - Travels, Tales & Travails tells the unique migration story of the Templers in their own words. The film is based on a series of interviews with seven members of the Temple Society, born between 1918 and 1934 in the former Templer settlements in then Palestine. It is an emotional and moving collection of life experiences.

Copies of the DVD are available for purchase by contacting the Temple Society Office.

Click here to view the complete film on YouTube.

TSA Constitution

Grab your copy of the updated version of the TSA Constitution (October 2021) here

Wilhelma: The Story in Pictures

The Heritage & Culture Focus Group has published a booklet named Wilhelma: the Story in Pictures, a history of the Templer settlement of Wilhelma from its beginning in 1902 to its final days in 1948.

The photos selected give an overview of the primarily agricultural settlement, the fifth of the Templer settlements in Palestine, and come from the Temple Society Archives in Melbourne, as well as the Beilharz, Decker, Frank, Hornung, Klink, Richter, Sawatzky, Weber and Wied families.

Paper copies in either A5 ($5) or A4 format ($10) can be ordered through the TSA Office.

Download the order form here.


We have many publications on Templer heritage and culture available.

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Contact the Temple Society Office if you have any questions related to our publications.