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Wilhelma: the Story in Pictures

The Heritage & Culture Focus Group has published a booklet named Wilhelma: the Story in Pictures, a history of the Templer settlement of Wilhelma from its beginning in 1902 to its final days in 1948.

The photos selected give an overview of the primarily agricultural settlement, the fifth of the Templer settlements in Palestine, and come from the Temple Society Archives in Melbourne, as well as the Beilharz, Decker, Frank, Hornung, Klink, Richter, Sawatzky, Weber and Wied families. Thanks to the Wilhelma residents who helped with the names and the captions for the photos. Special thanks go to Peter Hornung who provided advice throughout. He also spent much time with other Wilhelma residents checking that we had the correct names for the captions.

Emphasis was placed on providing photos of people and activities rather than just buildings or landscapes. Even though it is seventy years since the last residents left Wilhelma, several of its former inhabitants still have a very good eye for detail and remembering the names of fellow residents. Thank you all for your efforts.

The publication was inspired by a request for photos by Ruth Danon, who lives in a former Sawatzky house in Wilhelma, now Bnei Atarot. She has a strong interest in Templer history and wanted some pictures to put in their museum. As we searched for suitable photos, we decided there were enough for a booklet, and so have now published Wilhelma: the Story in Pictures.


Paper copies in either A5 ($5) or A4 format ($10) can be ordered through the TSA Office.

Download the order form here.

Coming Services

Sunday 13 May
Mother’s Day
Bayswater Chapel
Elders: Theo Richter & Jessica Blackwell

Sunday 27 May
Meadowbank Hall
Elder: Ingrid Turner

Sunday 27 May
Evening Hymnal Service
Bentleigh Hall
Elders: Theo Richter & Annette Wagner-Hesse

Talking Templer Workshops


Talking Templer will be presented in a fun and friendly, accessible manner, to ensure a relaxed atmosphere where participants can feel free to contribute.

Participants do not need to attend all sessions in the series. Although the content will build on understandings developed in previous sessions, each is self-contained. All sessions will take place in the Bayswater Chapel from 7.30 pm, are each of about 1½ hours’ duration (followed by supper) and offered at no cost to participants.

  • Friday, April 13 Temple Society – an overview of a progressive religious community
  • Friday, May 4 God, prayer and spirituality – a Templer perspective
  • Friday, May 18 Jesus and the Bible – a Templer perspective
  • Friday, June 1 Temple Society – a brief history
  • Friday, June 15 Temple Society Australia – a faith community for the 21st century

The sessions will culminate with our Founding Day service on Sunday 24 June at 10.00 am.

Please register with the TSA Office by emailing or calling 03 9557 6713.

If Friday evenings don’t suit, or you live at a distance, please register your interest anyway, so that alternative arrangements (including online workshops) can be considered. Child-minding can also be made available, if required.

For more information, please contact me:

Renate Beilharz
M: 0439 562 802

Templer Community Reports 2017

Read more about the great work that has been happening in the Templer community over the past year.

Click here to download a copy of the 2017 Templer Community Reports; a collection of annual reports of our focus and interest groups.