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Notice of AGM

In keeping with Clause 6.4 of the Constitution (September 2014) all Members of the Temple Society Australia are herewith invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year ended June 30, 2021.

The TSA 2021 AGM will be an online only event via Zoom and will commence with a short contemplation from Elder Irene Bouzo.

Initially, it was hoped that a small number of members could join the AGM onsite at Bayswater, within the limitations of any COVID restrictions. RC determined that, due to the increasing number of cases of COVID being reported in Victoria, the risk was too great.

Date: Sunday, October 17, 2021
Time: 10.30am


Click here to view the Agenda and proposed TSA Constitution rewording.

Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate for a position on one of the Focus Groups, please download this nomination form and return to the TSA Office by Friday 17th September.

Proxy Form

Members unable to attend the meeting personally are requested to arrange for their representation by proxy. You can download a proxy form here.

Register to attend

Everyone attending the AGM – whether online or in-person – needs to register here.

Templer Reflections

In 1980, a best-selling album titled Me Myself I by the British recording artist Joan Armatrading was released. As you see, the theme of this edition stems from that phrase, albeit with one significant change.

Me Myself suggests identity, a loaded word, even a cliché nowadays. Social media can be a hotbed of ‘identity politics’ where groups are tribal and hostile toward others. In this edition, we sidestep that thorny subject in favour of ‘selfhood’.

Arguably contentious to our theme is pronouns. New uses of gender-inclusive pronouns, which tackle an aspect of the fast-changing field of identity, are explained with clarity in a condensed Sydney Morning Herald article.

Ingrid worked on an essay addressing the evolving idea of selfhood, referencing western philosophy and Christian religion, whilst Jess looked at how choice can hold both consequence and reward when compiled with ‘me’ and ‘us’.

Major contributors to this issue are young people who agreed to their Confirmation experiences – from last year’s difficult lockdowns – being reprinted here. Their voices are considered and generous, reflecting on their spiritual learning derived during Confirmation lessons and how their future as Templers might unfold. Teaching Elder Renate Beilharz and her team nurtured these young people, guiding them and allowing them to explore their version of identity in their Confirmation journey. And we are grateful to Mark Herrmann and to Irene Bouzo for their insightful contributions.

Our Heritage Pages shed some light on how the return and restoration of the Sarona Bells required teamwork and brought community together. We hope reflection upon your inner self and how we connect as ‘us’ makes for rich reading

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Templer Services Online

Easter Sunday Service 2021

Anna Beilharz's Service, recorded 7th February 2021

Sydney Templer Christmas Service, recorded 20th December 2020

Adventsfeier 2020

Peter Uhlherr's Final Service, recorded 22nd November 2020

Christa Lingham's Service, recorded 8th November 2020

Mark Herrmann and Renate Beilharz's Service, recorded 25th October 2020

Irene Bouzo's Service, recorded 11th October 2020

Theo Richter's Service, recorded 27th September 2020

Ingrid Hoffmann's Service, recorded 6th September 2020

Mark Herrmann's Service, recorded 27th August 2020

Renate Beilharz's Service, recorded 9th August 2020

Herta Uhlherr's Song Service, recorded 26th July 2020

Annette Wagner Hesse's Service, recorded 12th July 2020

Theo Richter's Founding Day Service, recorded 28th June 2020

Ingrid Hoffmann's service on Hope and Optimism, recorded 14th June 2020

Jess Blackwell's Family Service, recorded 31st May 2020

Renate Weber's Mother's Day Service, recorded 10th May 2020

Click here to download the written service

Christine & Harald Ruff's Family Service, recorded 26th April 2020

Click here to download the written service

Harald Ruff's Good Friday Service, recorded 10th April 2020

Click here to download the written service

COVIDSafe Event Plan

This event plan outlines our requirements to conduct CovidSafe public events:

COVIDSafe Event Checklist

This relates to the following upcoming event:

  • Sommerfest, March 21, 2021