You may already be involved with the Temple Society Australia as a volunteer, or as a non-member. Becoming a member is a commitment that signifies your intention to live by our Beliefs.


As a member you can:

  • Contribute to and benefit from our Community
  • Join a Focus Group and be eligible for leadership positions
  • Receive an invitation to attend and vote at the AGM
  • Be eligible for scholarships and forms of assistance in many areas
  • Receive regular communications and updates.


Membership of the Temple Society Australia is open to any person over the age of 18.

Membership is not passed on through birth or marriage. Children and non-member spouses of members are called associates.

Members can belong to other Christian organisations, as well as other religions.


To become a member, email our Office with an expression of interest.

You will be sent an information package and contacted by an Elder to discuss your application.

Applications are approved by the Regional Council, the governing body, that meets monthly.

Becoming a member is free. Once registered, you are a member for life. There is an annual contribution to pay, but no annual renewal as membership is seen as a sincere declaration of your intention to live by our Beliefs.

Annual Contributions and Subscriptions 

Annual contributions and subscriptions for the current financial year 2021/2022 are now due.

Click here to download the Invoice. Instructions to calculate your renewal are outlined on this form.

Still unsure what to do?
Please contact John Borromeo on 9557 6713 or email


For more information about membership, write to us or email us at