Templer Reflections

In 1980, a best-selling album titled Me Myself I by the British recording artist Joan Armatrading was released. As you see, the theme of this edition stems from that phrase, albeit with one significant change.

Me Myself suggests identity, a loaded word, even a cliché nowadays. Social media can be a hotbed of ‘identity politics’ where groups are tribal and hostile toward others. In this edition, we sidestep that thorny subject in favour of ‘selfhood’.

Arguably contentious to our theme is pronouns. New uses of gender-inclusive pronouns, which tackle an aspect of the fast-changing field of identity, are explained with clarity in a condensed Sydney Morning Herald article.

Ingrid worked on an essay addressing the evolving idea of selfhood, referencing western philosophy and Christian religion, whilst Jess looked at how choice can hold both consequence and reward when compiled with ‘me’ and ‘us’.

Major contributors to this issue are young people who agreed to their Confirmation experiences – from last year’s difficult lockdowns – being reprinted here. Their voices are considered and generous, reflecting on their spiritual learning derived during Confirmation lessons and how their future as Templers might unfold. Teaching Elder Renate Beilharz and her team nurtured these young people, guiding them and allowing them to explore their version of identity in their Confirmation journey. And we are grateful to Mark Herrmann and to Irene Bouzo for their insightful contributions.

Our Heritage Pages shed some light on how the return and restoration of the Sarona Bells required teamwork and brought community together. We hope reflection upon your inner self and how we connect as ‘us’ makes for rich reading

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