Annual General Meeting

In keeping with Clause 6.4 of the Constitution (September 2014) all Members of the Temple Society Australia are herewith invited to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year ended 30th June 2019.

Templer Community Chapel at 51 Elizabeth Street, Bayswater, Victoria
Sunday, September 8, 2019
10.30am (lunch will be provided)

Members unable to attend the meeting personally are requested to arrange for their representation by proxy. 

A proxy form is available to download here and from the Office upon request.

Members are reminded that it is an unstated, but implied condition of membership to attend the AGM. The meeting quorum is 10% of Members present in person which, on current numbers, equates to about 46.


1. Receipt and adoption of the Regional Council’s report on activities.

2. Report on the financial statements prepared by and for TSAL.

3. Election of TSA Regional Head, Regional Council (RC) and Focus Group (FG) members. A nomination form is available to download here and from the Office upon request.

3.1 Update on a new TSA Regional Head, Mark Herrmann having flagged his intention to retire.

3.2 Election of 1 Member Delegate for RC for a term of three years, Bernhard Hoefer retiring by rotation.

3.3 Election of FG members (retiring by rotation) for Communication & Promotion (1 of – Marcus Weber), Heritage & Culture (1 of – Trudi Murray), Property Management (2 of – Tony Beilharz, Peter Ware), Sydney Community (2 of – Emmy Hoffmann, Ingrid Turner), Welfare (1 of – Suzy Ware) and Youth & Activities (3 of – James Kemper, Beate Kuerschner, Heinz Wagner) each for terms of three years.

Note also that both the Sydney Community (1 of) and Welfare (2 of) FGs have co-opted members, all on an annual basis.

4. Strategic direction and Governance matters

5. Community Spaces Concept Team

6. Specific areas:
6.1 Community Care Worker
6.2 Aged Care
6.3 TGD

7. Annual Reports – Focus Groups and other

8. General Discussion

John Borromeo
Secretary to Regional Council









John Borromeo, Secretary to Regional Council